At Reflective Teacher, we believe in giving back. Through our platform, we aim to make the life of senior school leaders and teachers easier.

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Our focus is on enabling reflective teaching practice and ongoing professional development throughout the year thus improving whole school outcomes.

With our platform it is simple to effectively streamline teacher appraisals, manage performance reviews and make preparations for Ofsted visits continuously throughout the school year.

Our user-friendly interface enables teachers and school leaders to record and review lessons and teaching methodology thus helping them to consistently develop. The Reflective Teacher platform provides feedback and identifies areas for improvement with tailored professional resources.

With its innovative features and commitment to elevating the teaching experience, Reflective Teacher is easy to use and will help make improvements to your school quickly and efficiently.

Like we said above, we believe in giving back. Not just to our partner schools, but also to causes that matter to you. As one of our partners, we ask you to nominate a local community cause or wider educational charity for us to help as part of our quarterly “give back” commitment.   

Embrace the future of teaching and embark on a transformative journey with the Reflective Teacher platform today!

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Benefits to you and your school

Reflective Teacher is your ultimate solution for promoting reflective practice and collaborative teaching within your school. Our user-friendly platform is easy to set up and navigate.

keeps all records in one place

provides school leaders with insights to focus on whole-school developmental needs and individual teacher needs

empowers teachers to have transparent and open conversations with school leaders

gives teachers a real-time view of their progress