Record learning walks by subject. Define your own questions and record comments and evidence.


Easily create lesson observations and record them against teaching standards. 


Create mid-term and final reviews. Easily view learning walks and lesson observations to back them up.

Pupil voice

Capture the views, wishes and experiences of your pupils. 


Record your review of pupil workbooks against teaching standards.

my reflectiveteacher

Empower your Teachers with a real-time view of their professional development.

Here’s how senior teachers are saving hours every term by cutting the paperwork out of performance management.

ReflectiveTeacher lets you quickly and easily make a digital record of all your learning walks, observations and performance reviews.

It removes the need for paper and keeps everything in one place, giving you back hours of working time – so you can focus on more important things like teacher development and raising attainment.

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What benefits can ReflectiveTeacher bring to your school?

The app is a highly effective way for you to monitor the quality of teaching and learning and to collate performance management information.

The key benefits are:

  • It allows you to complete all learning walks, lesson observations and performance management discussions in a simple, easily accessible way. What’s more, it replaces any need for various bits of paper, records, analysis, etc. This significantly cuts the hours you’ll need to spend preparing, collating and analysing everything.
  • You can use it to create a personalised package that provides instant data and information for analysis. This makes it a simple way to promote sharing of best practice, coaching models and reflective practice.
  • It removes the need for hours of analysis of learning walk data, as it does it all for you. It provides instant feedback and the opportunity to discuss later if required, while it allows you to compare feedback and data in different ways.
  • It provides insights into how well-embedded teaching and learning priorities are within faculties and at a whole-school level, and will quickly enable you to identify areas of strength and areas for development.

The instant feedback Reflective Teacher generates has also allowed staff to reflect with ease and has prompted reflective conversations in a short space of time.

Rachel Chima, Assistant Principal  Teaching and Learning

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