About ReflectiveTeacher

ReflectiveTeacher is the ultimate solution for promoting reflective practice and professional development in your school. Whether you’re an established teacher or just starting your career, ReflectiveTeacher empowers you to have transparent and open conversations with school leaders, enabling them to support your development.

The platform is highly configurable to the needs of each individual school, providing school leaders with insights to focus on whole-school developmental needs and individual teachers. With ReflectiveTeacher, teachers have a real-time view of their progress, and the tools to plan, manage, store, and share resources using any internet-enabled device.

Who are Beezapps?

At Beezapps, we are a team of highly skilled software developers, engineers, and industry experts who are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that help organisations and individuals reach their full potential.

With over 10 years of experience in developing purpose-built software, we have a proven track record of delivering solutions that improve the working lives of our clients, while also promoting well-being, efficiency, and value. ReflectiveTeacher is our flagship software application, and it embodies our mission of providing the best software in the UK to empower schools, teachers, and students to achieve their goals.

ReflectiveTeacher was created out of a need from a school in Northumberland to digitise learning walks, lesson observations, and appraisals, which would allow them to better focus on the individual needs of their teachers and promote reflective practice within the school.

What is Reflective Teaching?

Reflective teaching is a process by which educators evaluate and analyse their own teaching methods and practices. This self-examination helps teachers to identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement, and to make adjustments to their teaching style and techniques in order to better meet the needs of their students. Reflective teaching can take many forms, including keeping a reflective journal, participating in peer observation, and engaging in self-evaluation and goal-setting. By regularly engaging in reflective practice, teachers can improve their own instruction and ultimately enhance student learning and achievement.

Using Reflective Teacher has really brought Teaching and Learning back into the spotlight and is creating a real buzz around school!

Rachel Chima, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning, Duke’s Secondary School, Ashington