About ReflectiveTeacher

The Reflective Teacher Journey

Watching television at the beginning of Covid and hearing about children that were lacking in computers and devices to do school work, Reflective Teacher founder and Director of Beezapps (a team of highly skilled software developers dedicated to helping organisations and individuals reach their full potential), Andrew Archibald contacted his local school and a local school in Scotland he knew of, and offered to buy 12 laptops across the 2 schools to help. The business then went on to buy another 12 a few months later. 

This then led on to thinking how else they could help schools? They were approached by a local school who was struggling to do appraisals and lesson observations. When they met with this Headteacher, they worked together to come up with a concept and name, and Reflective Teacher was born! From there, as a team, they set about focussing on how to expand this to build on the reflective part of teaching, enabling teachers to make notes and self improve after every lesson. 

With Reflective Teacher, teachers can create notes and journal. Department Heads and Headteachers can drop into lessons and also make notes. This in turn enables the teacher to look back over notes, reflect and improve. As this is designed to promote constant activity throughout the year, all the hard work is done when it comes to appraisals, making the whole process easier for teachers and their department heads. Reflective Teacher stores all the data in one place. It records changes made, improvements and much more, empowering teachers to take time to reflect, improve and become even better teachers.

Whether you are a NQT just starting your career, or a seasoned teacher with years of teaching practice under your belt, Reflective Teacher empowers you to have open and transparent conversations with school leaders, enabling them to support your development and ensure positive school and student outcomes.

Our reflective teaching app can be tailored to your needs and the needs of your school, so you and your department heads and senior leaders can have a real-time view of progress made, and you have access to the tools to manage, store and share resources using any internet enabled device.

Enabling Reflective Teaching Practice

Through reflective teaching, educators analyse and evaluate their own teaching methods and practices continuously throughout the academic year. This self-examination and appraisal helps teachers identify where and how lessons have gone well, and what areas they could improve on next time.  

Using the applications within the Reflective Teacher platform, teachers can record progress on each session, journal their thoughts, share information and ideas with peers and set goals for self-development. Through clever AI, teachers will have access to tools and resources to empower them to be an even better teacher, ultimately enriching the learning experience and outcomes for their students.

Using Reflective Teacher has really brought Teaching and Learning back into the spotlight and is creating a real buzz around school!

Rachel Chima, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning, Duke’s Secondary School, Ashington