Reflective Revolution

Hello, head teachers and deputy heads!

Welcome to a vibrant journey into the world of reflective teaching. You’re not just educators; you’re the architects of future generations. And what better tool to sculpt young minds than reflective teaching? Before diving into the fun ways to encourage this practice, this Reflective Revolution in your schools, check out our treasure trove of resources at

Reflective Revolution

Reflective Teaching: The What and The Why

Reflective teaching is more than a method; it’s a mindset. It involves teachers critically evaluating their classroom interactions and methodologies to foster continuous growth and improvement. Why does it matter? It’s simple: reflective teaching leads to better teaching, and better teaching leads to better learning.

Lead by Example

As leaders, your attitude towards reflection sets the tone. Share your own reflective practices during staff meetings. Did a strategy work exceptionally well? Or perhaps something didn’t go as planned? Discuss it openly. This creates a culture where reflection is valued and normalized.

Create Reflective Spaces

Transform the staff room into a reflective hub. How about a reflection board where teachers can post sticky notes with their ‘aha’ moments or challenges? Regularly update the board with thought-provoking questions related to teaching practices.

Fun Reflective Sessions

Who said reflection has to be serious? Host monthly ‘Reflective Roundtables’ with fun themes. Think ‘Retro Reflections’ where teachers share old practices they’ve revamped, or ‘Future Forward’ to discuss innovative teaching ideas.

Peer Observations with a Twist

Peer observation can be a powerful tool for reflective teaching. But let’s make it fun. Pair up teachers and ask them to observe each other with a specific focus, like student engagement or innovative teaching aids. Afterwards, they can have a light-hearted ‘debriefing’ session over coffee or tea.

Professional Development Workshops

Invest in workshops that focus on reflective practices. These can be internal, led by your own staff, or external. The key is to make them interactive and engaging. Think group activities, role-plays, and real-life scenario discussions.

Encourage Reflective Journals

Introduce reflective journals. Encourage teachers to jot down their daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings about their teaching practices. You could have monthly journal clubs where teachers share insights from their journals in a relaxed setting.

Utilize Technology

Incorporate technology to aid reflection. There are great tools out there like video recording for self-assessment or apps that help in tracking and reflecting on teaching practices. Our website,, offers a plethora of such resources.

Constructive feedback is the cornerstone of reflective teaching. Develop a system where teachers receive regular, constructive feedback from peers, head teachers, and even students in a manner that is supportive and non-threatening.

Celebrate Reflective Wins

Last but not least, celebrate successes. When a teacher tries a new approach or reflects on a lesson that leads to positive change, celebrate it! This could be in school newsletters, on your school’s social media, or at staff meetings.

Reflective Revolution – In Conclusion:

Reflective teaching isn’t just a strategy; it’s an ongoing journey of discovery and improvement. By embedding these fun and engaging practices in your schools, you’re not only enhancing teaching quality but also nurturing a community of reflective, innovative educators in the Reflective Revolution.

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