reflective teacher practice
Are you a teacher looking to take your classroom from good to great? In the ever-evolving […]
Teaching With Intention
In the realm of education, the intentional integration of reflective thinking brings forth profound advancements in […]
Performance Review
Welcome, educators, to a crucial aspect of professional growth – the performance review. As teachers in […]
Constructive Critisim
Crafting the perfect blend of constructive criticism and encouragement can be a challenging yet essential skill […]
Mid-Term Appraisal Reviews
Introduction In the United Kingdom, mid-term appraisal reviews play a pivotal role in the professional development […]
Teaching With Intention
The latest National Education Union (NEU) poll reveals that 44% of England’s state-schoolteachers plan to quit […]
Performance Review
In our last blog we outlined the importance of lesson observation and how it helps your […]
Duke’s Secondary School is in Ashington, Northumberland has approximately 80 teachers and 1,000 pupils. It was […]
Personal growth
Continuous professional development (CPD) is an important part of teaching. It keeps teachers engaged, motivated and […]
‘Failing to plan is planning to fail,’ said American author Alan Lakein. He’s not wrong, especially […]